How to cut a perfect fringe - DIY

If you follow me on Twitter, a few days ago you would have seen this tweet:
So this happened today! I cut my own will be up all about it soon

I decided to blog this tutorial instead of uploading it onto my YouTube channel. I have cut my own fringe at home many times before and with the latest snaps of celebrities rocking the fringe trend i thought it was about time i joined them!
This post will be quite long as i am taking you step by grab a snack or a cuppa....or both!

Firstly you will need a tail comb, if you don't have one just grab something with a point to create a straight line like a bobby pin. You will also need a water bottle as i like to cut my fringe when its wet.
Comb your hair straight over your face, decide on how far back you want your fringe to start. I wouldn't suggest taking it straight from the hair line, this will not give you a full bouncy fringe! 
 I take mine nearly an inch back from my hairline. when you have decided on where to start keep your finger at this point ready for the next step.
Using your fingers draw your hands diagonally down to behind your ears.
Make sure to keep your fingers in contact with your head, when you reach your ears tuck your hair behind them. This should leave a section of hair left out in front of you.
Grabbing the hair in front of you it should form a triangle shape in your hairline, it will be a little messy but that's OK we are going to neaten it up using a tail comb.
Spend time making this as neat and as straight as you can, taking slim slithers may seem a little petty but it's worth it.
When your happy, tie the rest of your hair up so you don't accidentally cut other parts of your hair!
The ends of my section are no wider than the arch of my brow.
Grab your water bottle and wet your section and comb through ready to cut.
Now this is the trick to getting a full bouncy fringe! You don't want to cut it straight and even. Use your thumb as a guide.....yes your thumb!
Grab your section with your non cutting hand and make sure to place your thumb on the inside. Glide your hand down until your thumb touches the end of your nose.
Keeping your thumb still this should create a template for you to cut around.
Take some sharp scissors and cut up round and over, in the same shape of your thumb. 
Spread your new fringe out, go back and make any more adjustments you need to, i went back and made mine a little shorter using the exact same technique. 
Remember! Your hair will be shorter when it dries so don't get to snippy!!
Last step is to dry your new exciting fringe! I use a round brush to get the nice bounce.
Push the brush as close to your hair line as you can to get the height.
Pull up as you blow dry and round it off at the ends to create a voluminous curl.
Take the rest of your hair down and make any last snips you need to.
And that's it!! Your all finished.
I hope this post helps you out if you are thinking of cutting a fringe in at home. What do you think? let me know below xox


  1. Those are some really great tips on how to cut your own fringe. Lots of your readers can make use of your post. You cut it out all perfectly, that it looks like it was done by a professional. Thanks for sharing that, Laura Jane! Stay gorgeous!

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshall's Folsom

    1. Hi Sadie, Thank you for your lovely comment, I am so pleased you liked it xox

  2. Wow! Your fringe looks perfectly done! And the procedure is quite easy and fast, so I'm sure that the readers will try that at home. Thanks for sharing with us, Laura! Kudos!

    Collene Puterbaugh @ Baja Hair Center