Revitalising skin routine!

Spring is finally on its way and it's time to inject some moisture back into my skin!
The cold, wind, rain and snow sucks out the healthy moisture from skin and leaves it feeling dry and dehydrated, if like me you want to freshen up for spring take a look at the range i have been using over the last few weeks or more.

Introducing LouLouBelle Skin care from London.

LouLouBelle is an aroma therapy boutique in London. All of their products are made with natural ingredients and HAVE NOT been tested on animals :)

This range is for dry skin, which is perfect for me and perfect for revitalising my skin back to health for the Spring. They also have an oily skin range as well as a range for combination skin.
After taking my make up off I pump a little cleanser onto my hands and rub gently into my skin, this is fab at removing left over makeup and also gets my pores opening up ready to soak up all of the goodness coming it's way.
Using my fingers I rub this in circular movements over my skin. Cleanser not only removes makeup but it also removes excess dirt and oils to help prevent acne. I then simply use warm water to wash it off.

My next step is to grab the toner, this whole range smells so clean and good for you ! it can be a little over powering if your not too keen on the smell of chamomile though.
After patting my face dry i apply this toner onto a cotton wool pad and pat this over my face, avoiding my eye area. Toner is a fab step to get into the habit of doing, it removes the chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water and it can also help to shrink pores.
The last step is of course to moisturise, the most easiest part!

I am in love with this thick moisturiser! The smell, the feel and the absorbing power you can almost hear your skin whispering " thank you " as it quickly swallows it all up.  Moisturising allows your skin to rehydrate and give essential nutrients to help keep the skin soft and supple. Basically it gives back everything that was taken from your skin that day!!

What a beautiful range and i am so pleased with it. I also love the packaging from the chic cream box to the delicate wrapping of pink tissue paper. The simplicity of the bottles is a perfect fit for these products, straight to the point and it does exactly what it says on the bottle.
My skin will be back to it's healthy self in no time. What do you currently use?
Looking forward to chatting with you all xox

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