My Top 5 Lush must haves!

With the weather becoming as hot as the tropics, recently I have been upping my skin care game to keep my lengthy pins in good shape, feeling smooth and looking like a million dollars!
I popped to Norwich Lush store last week and stocked up on my favourite goodies.
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My first and most highly praised product in Lush history is the Buffy Bar. I simply can't believe how soft and delicate this makes your skin feel, every time I use this bar it amazes me, you would think I would get over it as I have used it so many times, but nope, It still puts a smile on my face and gives me the urge to grab innocent bystanders to feel my legs...... don't worry I shall keep resisting, it could become a little awkward!
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Lush fresh face masks are another happy pleasure. There is something about smearing your face in fresh mashed up fruit and veggies that is so satisfying you immediately have to take an Instagram " mask time " selfie! Packed full of goodness every mask I have tried has left me feeling pampered and rejuvenated. This clever little post is crammed with fresh papaya, honey, ginseng and more. 
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I love applying dusting powder after a Lush bath, normally I love Vanilla puff, it smells amazing and leaves my skin silky soft. On this trip to Lush I wasn't able to purchase it so instead I opted for Silk underwear. Wowzer is one way to describe this delicate powder! It rubs and absorbs into the skin like a dream with no powdery residue and is the perfect finishing touch after the Buffy Bar. I have even heard you can dust this onto your bed sheets for an amazing aroma and also to set the mood for an evening of....well for an evening worthy of Silk Underwear!
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Anything with popping or fizzing candy is a winner with me, so this Dragon egg bath bomb is a firm favourite in my household. All three of my children love to watch this bomb get to work popping and fizzing away turning the water into a gorgeous gold colour, its like bathing in liquid gold! Citrus fruit smells fill the bathroom with a slight hint of Jasmine. Smiles all round with this one.
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Lastly Big hair shampoo, another Lush product I simply can not rave about enough! the smell is divine and just opening it and filling your lungs with the smell is enough to roll my eyes and smile with delight. Chunky lumps of sea salt thoroughly clean the hair and give it uplift, if you have never used this before you will look at it and think it wont lather but trust me it does! My favourite shampoo hands down. Many moons ago I uploaded a lush haul where I first discovered Big shampoo and the Buffy bar and still to this day they are my top 2 products. If you would like to see that video I have linked it at the bottom. 
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I hope you enjoyed my top 5 Lush products, I know I am enjoying them!
Let me know what your top top favourite product is, I may give it a go next time.

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  1. Oh great! i was suffering from the same skin problems and it seems a perfect solution for this. The good thing is that this product is using natural products, so i can take it without worrying about the side effects. :)