Skeleton Smile

H*A*P*P*Y   H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N

I simply LOVE Halloween! Its an excuse to go wild with makeup and let your imagination run free!!!!

This week I thought I would share an easy Halloween makeup look, I know some people dont like to go all out, and so like last year my first look is a simple one :)

I started off with a black smokey eye, if you would like to see how I achieved this then your in luck!! Its coming next week. You can use any eye make up with this Skeleton mouth. 

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So after you have done your eye make up and applied your foundation you need to apply concealer/foundation onto your lips. I used the foundation left on my Real Techniques sponge.
The best face paint by far, that I have come across is by Snazaroo. Taking white face paint you need to apply this onto your lips, chin and above your lips.
To tone it down a little dab with a clean sponge or tissue, blend in the edges so there are no harsh lines.
Grab a tiny amount of black eye shadow and run this under your lower lip, then blend with a fluffy brush.
Take your white face paint and stipple above your jaw line. 
Now its time for the fun part!!!! 
Grab some black face paint, and extend your mouth on both side, almost like a joker smile.
Next draw vertical lines along your lips and the black lines, this will form teeth like gaps.
Time to fill in the teeth! using the white face paint again on a paint brush, simply brush in between the lines. You dont need to be neat, unless you want to be! I quite like it messy and rough looking.
I went back over my black lines to thicken them up and fill in the bottom of the teeth.
I also picked up a little black eye shadow to shade in the bottoms of the teeth too. I also contoured my nose with the black shadow and around the edges of the skeleton smile.
You can go on and add as much shading and detail as you want to! You can dress this up or dress this down.
what ever your up to this Halloween I hope you have an amazing one.
 I hope you enjoyed this weeks post, if you want to see how I achieved the smokey eye look leave me a comment below

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  1. This is so cool! I'll definitely be remembering this come October :D

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium